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Week on the Move

September 26th, 2012 | Posted by Brianna in About | The Places We've Been | United States

The last week has been a bit abnormal as we’ve hopped all over the place staying no longer than two nights in one spot since last Tuesday, the 18th. In case you haven’t been checking our map daily or popping in to see our current location at the top of our website, here’s the rundown on our last 8 days:

Tuesday, the 18th: Left Emporia, KS and drove to Kansas City where we enjoyed dinner, drinks, a puppy party, and a fire with Ian’s brother, Dane, and sister-in-law, Frankie, and then slept a solid 4.5 hours at his Mom’s.Pisgah Tree

Wednesday, the 19th: Departed KC at 6AM for an all day drive to Brevard, NC. You can read all about our stay in western NC here.

Thursday, the 20th: A lovely day in Brevard and the Pisgah National Forest.

Friday, the 21st: Drove away from Kate and Bart’s at 6AM to arrive at our house in Knightdale, NC around 10:30AM. Spent 4 hours mowing, freshening landscape, and painting trim. Hit the road again to Wilmington, NC where we boarded the dogs, checked in to a hotel, cleaned up, and headed to a rehearsal dinner at Wrightsville Beach.

Happy CoupleSaturday, the 22nd: Celebrated the joyful wedding of our friends, Brian and Emily, in a beautiful ceremony at Wrightsville Beach and reception in downtown Wilmington. Brian is our all time favorite Craigslist find, and Emily is his equally fabulous wife. We hold them as lifelong friends, love their families, and wish them so much happiness in their life together.

Sunday, the 23rd: Watched football in Wilmington, picked up Maya and Olmec, and headed back to Knightdale for our last night in our house. This evening in the one place we own was ironically also our first night sleeping on the floor.

Cows at DawnMonday, the 24th: Slept in until 6 and then took off for Wantage, NJ around 7AM to spend an evening and morning with my sister, Jordan, and her love, Nikki. We visited them in February and blogged about our stay then. This trip was also great, but with a little more green grass and little less hands on with the cow shit.  Miss you already, Jords!

Tuesday, the 25th: Walked the New Jersey hills, chilled with the goats, took a nap with a kitten, and then departed once more, this time heading for Maine, which we reached after 10 hours. We arrived at our adorable cabin to find a “Welcome Kietzman Party” sign on the door, a glow in the fake fireplace, and What a Wonderful World playing on the CD player in the background.  You know, we’re thinking this world is pretty wonderful too.

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3 Responses

  • Judy Robinson says:

    Hi, You Two,
    Your pictures are awesome. You look a bit cold, Brie. It has even been pretty cool here this last week. Maybe winter is coming early.
    Keep up the interesting jounals and pictures. We are enjoying them very much.
    Love, Grandma Pete

  • Judy Robinson says:

    I looked through your pictures and comments on Montreal yesterday and enjoyed them very much. Will have Grandpa look at them tomorrow. I was thrilled to see you wearing your knitted headband in one of your pictures, Brie. You really looked cute in it. You looked cute too, Ian. Love ya, GP

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