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Waterfalls of Chiapas – Agua Azul and Misol-Ha

April 21st, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Mexico | Parks | The Places We've Been

Conveniently located just off Mexico 199 on the route between San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque are the jungle-shrouded waterfall sites of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha. Aside from their proximity to Chiapas’ most famous Mayan ruins (and, obviously, the fact that they are both made of water moving quickly to a lower place), the similarities aren’t nearly as numerous as the contrasts.

Agua Azul

  • Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, MexicoComposition: A series of smaller cascades, ranging up to twenty or so feet high, spread over about a quarter of a mile of river.
  • Highlight: Surreal teal-colored pools.
  • Climate: Hot and muggy. It’s the jungle.
  • Activities: A trail runs uphill from the entrance the length of the cascades. There are several boardwalkish vista points that afford good views. Swimming is by far the most popular activity; a side-pool of greyish-blue water is a popular (and safe) spot. Swimming in the larger and bluer pools is apparently allowed (though a few signs indicate otherwise).
  • Services: There are dozens of small food stands, several larger comedors, and a few full-blown restaurants near the entrance. Stands and stalls of local crafts line the entrance and the length of the trail.
  • Tourist Factor: Definitely crowded (on a Saturday). Not many gringos.
  • Price: 38 pesos ($3.00 US) per person.


  • Misol-Ha waterfall in Chiapas, MexicoComposition: A single 115-foot plunge over a cliff above into a near-circular pool below.
  • Highlight: The dramatic height of the main waterfall.
  • Climate: Hot and muggy. Seriously, it’s the jungle.
  • Activities: A single footpath winds around the circumference of the large pool the falls empty into. Swimming is allowed, and there are several ropes criss-crossing the water, presumably for safety purposes. There is a cave up behind the falls, though there is an extra charge to get in (we did not partake, so we can’t say much about it).
  • Services: Much more limited than Agua Azul. There was one comedor near the parking lot and another closer to the falls. Not much in terms of crafts or souvenirs.
  • Tourist Factor: Definitely crowded (on a Sunday). Not many gringos.
  • Price: 20 pesos ($1.60 US) per person. Add another 20 for vehicular access.


Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico

Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico
Misol-Ha waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico

Misol-Ha waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico

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