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Top 10 Questions People Ask First About Becoming Digital Nomads – Part One

March 31st, 2012 | Posted by Ian and Brianna in About

As we share our plans for the future with others, these are the top ten questions we hear first:

10.  What happens if…?

The second clause of this question is usually different, but the answer is almost always the same: We’ll deal with it.  A million and one what-ifs exist, and we’re not going to be deterred by the possibility of an obstacle.  Those crazy wrenches are what keep life from getting stale!  We do understand the importance of learning as much as we can to make the safest choices along the way and are researching and taking new questions to heart everyday.  Some things we can prepare for; others we can’t.  What if your car breaks down, what if you contract malaria, what if you get pregnant, what if you have to quarantine your dogs, what if you run out of money, what if you make a mistake…?  We’ll deal with it.  We’ll embrace it!  (We also might call you for help, so stay tuned.)

9.  How can we be a part of your adventures?

We love this question.  ”Why thank you!  You’ve provided us the perfect setup to share something we’re ecstatic about.”  First and foremost, our progress and escapades can be tracked through (where you can subscribe and receive daily or weekly updates to your email), Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  We also actively welcome tagalongs for whatever portion and duration of our journey you desire.  Always dreamed of going to Costa Rica?  Meet us there.  We’re happy to pick you up from the airport, give you a place to crash, and stay out of your way while you explore on your own.  Buy a one way ticket.  We dare you.

Last, but not least, we are looking forward to exploring partnerships.  Give us your product to test (especially if that product is beer), and we’ll write you a review or star in your next commercial.

8.  So what do your families think of all this?

Our families are amazing.  They are supportive, understanding, encouraging, and inspiring, and we can only hope that one day we can offer our children a fraction of the unconditional love our parents have given us.  They believe in our abilities and remind us of that often.  Of course, the gushing support of our mothers doesn’t entirely mask their panic, but this only makes us appreciate their kindness more.  Having lived 1000 miles away for the last four years, we know what it means to miss our families every day, and our hope is that this lifestyle will afford us the opportunity to spend more, rather than less, time with them.

7.  What are you doing with all of your stuff?

Getting rid of it.  A box or two of sentimentals might make it to Mom’s for storage, but everything else will either be donated or sold.  For example, last week we sold our brewing equipment, some old bike wheels, and a set of golf clubs on Craigslist.  Tomorrow we’re loading up towels, sheets, and clothing for a family in need.  We want to take with us only the bare necessities: a few pieces of clothing, a first aid kit, and a soccer ball.

6.  What about health insurance?

This is a piece that we’re still working on.  Health insurance is certainly a priority, but is also a perfect example of an area we still have a lot to learn about.  It’s going to take research and probably a bunch of money.  There are numerous options of companies offering comprehensive travel insurance, protecting both health and personal loss.  We plan to be covered, we just need to figure out which plans best suit our needs.

 Still have questions?  Don’t worry!  Questions 1-5 are coming soon in Part Two.

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