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Surfing Scorpion Bay

January 28th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | The Places We've Been

We would be remiss if we left San Juanico without having blogged about surfing at least once. In fact, I feel quite certain that one is indeed the minimum number of posts about surfing required for a town that is most known, and many times only known, for its multiple minute rides. That being said, we really don’t know anything about surfing. Prior to booking our house here, our host was even sure to be clear with us that unless we were coming for the surf, we probably wouldn’t have much to do in San Juanico. It sounded about perfect to us, and so we headed to the remote town to revel in the simplicity of life and try our luck with the waves.

Our wonderful hosts set us up with wetsuits and longboards and when we hesitated to get in the water the first few days for fear of the cold, they also provided us with the don’t-be-such-weenies push that we undeniably needed. As it turns out, wetsuits rock, and water that hurts to stand in with bare feet can actually be refreshing to swim around in when you’re wrapped up in the right wetsuit. Bellies down and arms paddling away, we conquered first point – one of us doing so quickly, but with a fair number of face plants over the course of the month and the other taking a couple of days to stand, but finding a comfortable spot once up. After only a few days we found ourselves drawn to the water daily, picky about our waves, and hungry for bigger swells.

With six separate points in Scorpion Bay, surfers of all levels can find a spot, and anyone looking for more details can easily find them with a quick Google search. Camping is allowed on the rocky bluff above second point, despite the Cantina being currently closed as part of an ongoing legal battle for the property. Boards are available for rent at a couple of different places. Please forgive our lack of photos here. Neither of us wanted to be out of the water long enough for it!

Ian and Board

Brianna and Board

Ian Paddling

Ian Surfing

Brianna Paddling

Brianna Surfing

Surfers at Second Point

Not us. Other surfers at Second Point.

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