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San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas Wrap Up and Slideshow

May 10th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | Slideshow Pictures | The Places We've Been

Our fourth and final month in Mexico, photos of which are included in the slideshow below, demonstrated the breadth and variety of both landscapes and cultures within the country. Since December, we had traveled through deserts and along beaches, over mountains and into jungles. We saw abundant street food become meaty street food and then disappear. We watched as the main social concerns changed from coastal land disputes to dissatisfied teachers unions to oppressed indigenous groups. US Americans often view Mexico (or all of Latin America for that matter) as a single cultural entity – that Spanish speaking land to the south where they eat tacos and drink tequila. The fact is, while some generalizations have a basis here, that some citizens are quite poor, that there are a whole lot of cacti in the north, that music is often played very loudly and very late, the people and the experiences are widely different from one region to the next. Mexico is three times size of Texas, about one fifth of the land area of the United States, but longer than wide; think of the distance from New York City to Mississippi or California to Nebraska.

All that said about the variances within Mexico, we had developed a comfort zone that tugged at us a bit when the time came to leave the country. Despite the many differences from one month to the next, there was a familiarity in each new place, in the words of a good friend, a rhythm that had begun to sync. Our month in Chiapas was spent enjoying the beautiful scenery and abounding natural highlights, perusing the lively, diverse centro, and learning about the impact of uprisings in recent history. We would definitely recommend San Cristobal de las Casas to potential visitors as it is in lovely surroundings, culturally rich with lots to do, and different than the typical US American experience of Mexico, while also being easily accessible and accepting of outsiders. Mexico is a wonderful country, and as we depart for Guatemala, we are already looking back on our time there fondly.


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