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Reining in the Road Trip Snacks

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Brianna in Food
If we had to pick a dietary label, it would be vegetarian.  When at home, we also refrain from all dairy and most egg products making us vegan to carnivores and posers to vegans.  As a whole, our dietary choices, though numerous in implications and effects, are based on personal health factors.  Basically, we eat the things that make us feel the best.  I’m still working on how to say the above without sounding like a total asshole.  It doesn’t matter that we don’t have anything against meat-ers (oo I just made that up!) or that we’ll eat just about anything we’re offered at another person’s home or gathering.  When the words, “I’m a vegetarian” come out of my mouth, I cringe at the unavoidable arrogance they unfairly carry to many people, myself included.  This though, along with our reasoning, process, experiences, results, and menus, could fill an entire blog in itself, so I’ll just skip ahead to the part that applies to Vangabonds.

We need some work on our road meals.  On the way to Kansas last week, we started out strong with some veggie sandwiches, sungold tomatoes, and almonds.  By the time we stopped for the night, we were sitting on a bed with two large orders of cheesy tots, stuffed jalapeño poppers, a large order of onion rings, and two big styrofoam cups of beverage.  Oops.  But it was vacation!!  And they were really, really, really good cheesy tots.

The thing is, traveling is no longer vacation – it’s life.  We have to figure out a system that both our bodies and our wallets can afford.  As logical as it sounds like it should have been, we repeatedly turned down offers of road snacks from family before we left and continued to grab fries and chips and sugary beverages with every stop to pee or fuel up.  What the hell, selves?!  Moving forward, we’ve decided that we’re going to get a medium sized water container with spigot to keep in the back for refills during cases of the thirsties.  We’ll also want to keep in tow a small food prep kit with items such as knives and other utensils.  The rest, I think, is mostly a need for a conscious decision to eat what feels good all day rather than what stops feeling good before the meal is even over (because cheesy tots definitely feel good for the first eight bites).

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