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Olinda, Brazil

June 24th, 2014 | Posted by Brianna in Brazil | The Places We've Been

OlindaJust north of Recife, one of Brazil’s top 10 largest cities, sits Olinda, one of Brazil’s best-preserved colonial cities. One rolls straight into the other with Olinda being a large and highly visited part of Recife’s metropolitan area. Founded in 1535, the beautiful coastal town’s historic centre was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The current population is nearly 400,000 inhabitants.

We visited Olinda one morning to enjoy a walking tour, take in the views, and watch some soccer in a local bar in the afternoon. It was a cloudy day, but there was a futbol-esque buzz in the air and the colorful streets overlooking the baby blue sea were charming and tropical at the same time. If you’re thinking of visiting Recife, a day in Olinda will not disappoint.


Recife from Olinda



Olinda Figures

Tiles in Olinda

Ian in Olinda

One of Many Olinda Churches

Olinda Street with Recife View

Colorful Olinda Street

Local Bar Olinda

New Japanese Friend Takes Photo of Brazilians

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