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Medellín Wrap Up and Slideshow

October 7th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Colombia | Slideshow Pictures | The Places We've Been

Our slideshow is quite short this month and the number of blog posts we wrote about our temporary home is fewer than usual too. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that we wrote like crazy during our first week or two in Colombia as we dished the details on our Darien Gap crossing and reflected on our first year on the road, leaving us a bit burnt out on writing. As a result of those same experiences, we also found ourselves ready to take it easy for a while and regroup a bit, allowing ourselves to pass on some blog and photo-worthy activities that we might otherwise have made time for. More than anything though, I think of our time in Medellín as a month of simple joys and happiness at home. It wasn’t so much that we didn’t want to go out as it was that we did want to stay in. We had a lovely apartment setup with beautiful views and excellent company (if I do say so myself), and we took full advantage of that this month. Medellín itself, while offering an abundance of things to do, is not a city overflowing with “absolute must sees”. Sure there are neat parks and buildings and artworks, but the allure seems more in the experiences, the strolling, the being, the nightlife. We truly appreciated what it had to offer us, and we left as big fans of the city.

10th Floor View

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  • Judy Robinson1 says:

    It sounds like your stay there was very restful for you two. Now your off on another adventure. You had some great pictures of the city. What a view. Your mother said you have had a long road trip to Ecauador (sp). Looking forward to your blogs on this next country. Miss you, love you, Grandma & Grandpa

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