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Inca Kola

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Food | Peru

Inca Kola is a source of Peruvian national pride and a Peruvian icon. It is intensely bright yellow, and tastes somewhere between bubble gum and cotton candy. Created in 1935 by José Robinson Lindley, Inca Kola has been Peru’s top selling soft drink since 1970, meaning that for nearly thirty years Peru was one of the rare nations where Coca-Cola doesn’t have the highest market share (see also: Irn-Bru). That is, of course, until 1999, when The Coca-Cola Company naturally bought a controlling stake. Since then, The Coca-Cola Company owns the Inca Kola trademark in every country except Peru; in Peru it operates as a joint venture with the Lindley family. It’s still ubiquitous, however, and this bright yellow thirst-quencher can be seen just about anywhere you look in Peru.

Inca Kola, Peru's unofficial national soft drink

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