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Hitting the Pavement

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Ian in About | The Places We've Been

Welp, we are off. With much fanfare, we walked out the door of a completely empty house two days ago and got in a vehicle holding everything we own, pups included. We finished packing and cleaning, took a few pictures, then pulled out of the driveway like we have thousands of time before. As we put the CR-V into drive and moved our first few inches, the idea of returning to a place called “home” fell out the window. For the time being, the road is our environment, and anywhere we can drop a bag and lay our heads is home.

Vangabonds in front of the house in Knightdale

Out of North Carolina we flew, discussing the institutions of the Triangle as we left — Bojangles, my taste buds will miss you, though my belly will not. Throughout the day South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama rose and fell with the rain outside our windows, and we braved a raging gulf thunderstorm to settle into Mobile for the night. Day Two held a casual three hour drive, crossing into Mississippi before cruising U.S. Route 90 along the Gulf Coast into Louisiana and New Orleans, where we’ll be for the next week. We’ll have more for you soon.

Digital Nomads and their CR-V

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