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Guanajuato Slideshow

March 8th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | Slideshow Pictures | The Places We've Been

Guanajuato was a magical place, enchanting, wonderful, and easily one of our favorites of the last six months. The limited number of¬†drive-able¬†streets created an active lifestyle as we walked through neighborhoods and into the centro via romantic callejons. No matter where we went it seemed as though we were always amidst a party. The plazas and jardins were constantly lively and full of jolly folks and music from one direction or another. Restaurants offered outdoor seating in the perfect temperatures of late winter evenings of central Mexico. Even from home though, the noise and energy outside of our windows never seemed to cease. Guanajuato is bursting with cultural experiences, but feels small enough to be cozy and personal at the same time. We felt very at home and even found ourselves often running into various friends we’d made throughout the month during walks or errands. It’s also worth noting that our outlook on the city wasn’t helped by a general smoothness of life. The short month was chalk full of work stress, travel stress, dog stress and in turn illness and personal strain, but Guanajuato’s ambiance and joy lifted us above all of that. Long hours and headaches couldn’t touch us with such a fantastic home on our side!

We would definitely recommend a visit to anyone up for a little walking. Check out the slideshow below of our favorite photos from the month.

Talbots and Kietzmans

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