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  • samantha says:

    hi !! I love your blog :) I am currently in nicaragua traveling a little and for a yoga teacher training, but will be done beginng of October! I have heard to many amazing things about Guatemala and Lake Atitlan that I have decided I want to try to find a job teaching English there! Do you have any advice for schools looking for english or any teachers ? such as grassroots projects? Or any advice in general of places in central america ? I have been many places in South America, but only in Nicaragua for about two weeks so far in Central. :) Any advice will help!! thank you :)

  • Daniel says:

    Hi you I am following your blog since Bolivia and am in Ushuaia as well at the moment (our car broke down). Would like to met you two for a beer. Drop me an email if you are still here.
    Cheers, Daniel

  • Old Tom On Tour says:

    Hi. Have you collated your experiences re – shipping from Panama to Columbia i’e over the Darian Gap in one article? If not please give a link as to where I can find the start of this episode.
    Did you ever get any contact for RORO or LOLO ferries where you can travel with your “van”?
    Did you experience any pilfering from you “van”?
    Regards Oldtomontour

    • Brianna says:

      Hi Tom! Thanks for the notes. Our entire Darien Gap experience is documented through seven different blog posts. You van view all of them here or you can start with this introduction, which includes links to the other six posts in the order in which they were written at the end. At the time of our crossing, there were no options for a ferry in which we could travel with our CR-Van. There has been talk of one for years, but the politics surrounding that are very messy so who knows if/when it will actually get done (someone who is making good money off of the current situation doesn’t want things to change). In our experience, we had no issues with anyone messing with our vehicle or the items in it. We watched the CR-Van go into the container and then we watched them cut the lock off on the other side – no problems. That said, we also don’t have an impressive rig like some overlanders do. Best of luck preparing for your journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you have any further questions. Happy Travels, Tom!

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