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Colonia Flat

April 15th, 2014 | Posted by Brianna in Lodging | The Places We've Been | Uruguay

EntranceAs we’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, we had the pleasure of meeting our host for our stay in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay prior to our arrival while we were still in Buenos Aires. Martín is a location independent computer guy like Ian who splits his time between the Argentine city and his quiet retreat in Uruguay. We found the listing for his house on airbnb and received a warm and welcoming response when we reached out. Martín helped us with our dog papers for both Chile and Uruguay, and he also invited us along to a genuine Argentine asado (pronounced: ah-sah-doh) with a group of his friends. It was relaxed and fun and wildly filling, with free-flowing wine and an ‘early’ start time of 9pm. Even as homegrown Midtwesterns, we knew that this integral part of Argentine culture gave American barbeques a run for their money. When we finally arrived at Martín’s place in Colonia in early March, it certainly felt like we were staying in the home of friend.

The flat* itself is located on a quiet, tree-lined, cobblestone street just a block and half north of the water, a block and a half south of the main drag, and two and a half blocks east of the historic quarter. The location was fantastic; we could walk everywhere. A private garage is attached to the house, but we didn’t have any reason to need to put the CR-Van in it in such a small and safe community. From our street level entrance, the stairs led to a bright corridor with the living room and piano room (yes, a piano!!)  in the front of the flat and two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen in the back. The beds were comfortable, the internet was fast, and the kitchen had everything we needed. Light flooded all of the rooms and from the kitchen we could access our terrace where we marveled at the stars and fall winds while grilling up dinner most evenings. It was all wonderfully calm and comfortable, which was fitting for a house in such a mind-blowingly chill country. Our last walk through before leaving felt not like leaving a rental, but rather like leaving the home of a friend, and indeed, we were.

*Note: I call it a flat because that’s what it felt like to me after growing up in a place where houses are free-standing buildings on big plots of land, but in Colonia, and many places outside of Kansas, this is a house.


Living Room

Looking Out of Living Room

Piano Room

Spare Bedroom

Main Bedroom

View Out Back from Bedroom

Looking Out of Bedroom

Our Terrace

Asado with Martín

At an Argentine asado in Buenos Aires with Martín before moving to Colonia. Great time!

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