Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Honduran Applebee's

On Friday, we inadvertently accompanied each other on what we have since deemed “American Date Night in Honduras”. It was silly and not very adventurist-y of us, but it was also a total blast. We had such a great time that even though we’re a little embarrassed that we ate at Applebee’s in Honduras (seriously) … Read more


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Our First Baleadas

We’ve wasted no time integrating baleadas into our hands-on Honduran experience this month. Baleadas (prounounced ball-ay-ah-das) are a favorite food throughout the country made with a thick, flour tortilla folded over a filling of mashed (refried) beans, cheese crumbles, and cream. While they sound relatively simple, the snack isn’t readily available in other Latin American … Read more

Sunset at La Ceiba

June finds us in the coastal town of La Ceiba, a port city on the northern coast of Honduras (I know, Central American countries should have east/west coasts, right? Maps blow my mind.) with a population of around 170,000 inhabitants. The early development of La Ceiba, Honduras’ 4th largest city, is often attributed to the … Read more

Road construction near Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala

So this post is admittedly long and rambling and at times tangential, but perhaps trying to make your way through without getting lost will give you some idea what a typical road travel day is like in Central America. Construction and Rules of the Road – The mountainside between San Pablo la Laguna and the … Read more

Dock Jump

In many ways, the experience of Atitlán is beyond words. Never have I been so moved (or so stilled) by a lake, and I certainly can’t even begin to think of a time when for 31 days in a row I awoke to a more breathtaking site than the volcanoes, clouds, and pristine mirror of … Read more

McDonald's Guatemala City

Last Sunday (and also the Sunday before that) we made a 7-hour round-trip drive from our cozy abode near San Marcos La Laguna to the Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City. In general, we hadn’t planned on spending a ton of time in major or capital cities during our drive through Central America, and Guatemala City, … Read more

Chichi Market

Around 140 kilometers northwest of Guatemala City (and 65 kilometers northeast of San Marcos la Laguna) is the highland K’iche’ Maya town of Chichicastenango. Chichi, as it is often shortened, is essentially famous for one thing. On Thursdays and Sundays what is generally deemed the largest market in Central America transforms an otherwise forgettable town … Read more

Yard and Patios

We have been thrilled with our choice of lodging for the month of May, a two room cottage at PasajCap just east of San Marcos La Laguna at Lago de Atitlán in Guatemala. The property is accessible by car, boat, and helicopter (woot woot!) and features a lancha dock, a swimming dock, space for parking, … Read more

Spider Monkey at Reserva Natural Atitlán in near Panajachel in Guatemala

Just northwest of Panajachel is the Reserva Natural Atitlán. Founded in 1995 as a butterfly house and a few trails traversing the dense vegetation of the mountains overlooking the lake, the reserve has expanded since its inception. It now includes a visitors’ center, a few rooms for rent, camping spaces, a small restaurant, an outdoor … Read more

Lancha Ride

This is a series detailing some of what appear at first to be more mundane details of a place, but will hopefully be illuminating as insights into the grind behind the “glamour.”  Water, Laundry, and Cleaning This month we’re renting a two room cabin just east of San Marcos La Laguna on a property that houses … Read more