Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Monkeys of Zancudo

July 21st, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Costa Rica | The Places We've Been | Video - (3 Comments)
Central American Squirrel Monkey in Zancudo Costa Rica

One of the great joys of our time thus far in Zancudo, Costa Rica has been our almost daily monkey sightings. Costa Rica is home to four species of monkey (in ascending order by size: Central American Squirrel Monkey, White-headed Capuchin Monkey, Mantled Howler Monkey, and Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey). The southern Pacific coast is the … Read more

Playa Zancudo

When we started looking for a place to spend our month in Costa Rica, we didn’t expect to find much that was “off the beaten path”. Costa Rica is easily Central America’s most visited country, especially by citizens of the United States, and their tourism markets, real estate development, and high cost of living (compared … Read more

Overlooking San Juan del Sur

Intro to SJDS San Juan del Sur is first and foremost a fun town. A fishing village at its roots, SJDS (as it is often shortened) was a popular stopping point on the maritime route to the California during the gold rush. It has since grown to just under 20,000 residents, and the local economy … Read more

Granada, Nicaragua

July 9th, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Nicaragua | The Places We've Been - (2 Comments)
Granada's Parque Central

Romantic Granada was once the jewel of Central America. Just 20km from the Pacific, it was founded in 1524, making it the oldest Spanish-built town in Central America. Situated on the western shore of Lago de Nicaragua (or Lago Cocibolca, to Nicaraguans), Granada enjoyed its role as a center of commerce, growing rich as a … Read more

Pizza and Toña in Estelí

Our two day journey from La Ceiba, Honduras to San Juan del Sur on the Pacific side of Nicaragua included an overnight stopover in Estelí, a town of about 120,000 and the third largest town in Nicaragua. Sitting in the country’s northern highlands at around half a mile above sea level, Estelí’s climate is relatively cool and … Read more

Chachahuate, a Garifuna village in Cayos Cochinos

“Now so much I know that things just don’t grow if you don’t bless them with your patience.” -First Aid Kit, Emmylou My fondness for La Ceiba and northern Honduras was not love at first site. It’s not that we didn’t like where we were when we arrived; it was fine. It just didn’t speak … Read more

Casa Laguna La Ceiba

June 28th, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Honduras | Lodging | The Places We've Been - (2 Comments)
Casa Laguna La Ceiba

Well guys, it’s almost the end of the month, which means we are ready to tell you about our June lodging. We booked it on, as we often do. As there were no reviews, it seems it was the first time the place had been booked via that route — I know, living on … Read more

El Indio Bárbaro

Joel told us about Sambo Creek’s upcoming feria while we were chatting after our Pico Bonito hike. We’d heard about La Ceiba’s carnival, an annual event held in May that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, often tripling the population of the city during the festivities, but with our June arrival just days … Read more

Honduran coffee

This is an installment in an ongoing post series detailing a typical day in one of our destinations. Not everything in this schedule might happen on any given day, but it should give you a good idea of our usual activities. 7:00 AM - We’ve been sleeping a bit later this month for no apparent reason. Makes … Read more

Footbridge into Pico Bonito

Parque Nacional Pico Bonito is just south of (and towering over) the beach town of La Ceiba, Honduras. Here are some numbers and facty things: Founded in 1987, the park covers approximately 1073 square kilometers It is named for Pico Bonito, a dramatic mountain rising up over 2400 meters just 10 miles from the Caribbean … Read more