Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Groceries in Panama

This is a series detailing some of what appear at first to be more mundane details of a place, but will hopefully be illuminating as insights into the grind behind the “glamour.”  As I sit down to categorize and write about this month’s day-to-day tasks, a common theme has begun to emerge: I don’t really … Read more

A Miraflores Lock

I remember hearing years ago that the Panama Canal wasn’t worth visiting because it was just some boat going slowly through a passageway, and there was really nothing more to see. From Kansas in the early 2000s, that made sense enough to me to dismiss any potential excitement about the place, an easy acceptance and … Read more

Casco Viejo, Panama

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Plaza Francia, Casco Viejo, Panama

It started to rain as we climbed into the taxi we’d flagged down near the casino. Downpours are a daily occurrence in August in Panamá, but they’re also often fleeting so we carried on carefreely with our Saturday adventure. We had read that finding reasonable parking in Casco Viejo could be quite the challenge and also that … Read more

Panamanian Apartment

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Panama Apartment

This month we’re staying in a small apartment building in a second story mini-studio in the older but trendy El Cangrejo neighborhood of Panama City. Though it’s certainly far less square footage than we’ve had since we left the states, the setting and space are perfect for our return to city life. We’re half a … Read more

Driving into Panama City

Panama City (Ciudad de Panamá) is a modern place with lots of history. Founded in 1519 between the Pacific and the surrounding tropical forests by the conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila, the city was common a starting point for expeditions that ultimately conquered the Incas before being burned to the ground by the English pirate Henry … Read more

Playa Zancudo

Commensurate with our experiences, our favorite photos from Costa Rica were taken outdoors capturing only a small fraction of the limitless wonders of nature that caught our attention daily this month. The word raw has been a more heavily used part of our vocabulary than usual as we’ve moved through Central America, and indeed as … Read more

La Chelita, Cafe de la Familia in Costa Rica

This is an installment in an ongoing post series detailing a typical day in one of our destinations. Not everything in this schedule might happen on any given day, but it should give you a good idea of our usual activities. 5:00AM – Howler monkeys, the jungle’s alarm clocks, start their deep guttural bellows from … Read more

Costa Rica Jungle House

Our Costa Rican house in the jungle is really, really in the jungle. Not just that we drove through some jungle covered terrain to get here, but that it feels as if the house itself grew up out of the ground along with all of the trees and plants around it. From the windows we … Read more

Fresh Egg Delivery

This is a series detailing some of what appear at first to be more mundane details of a place, but will hopefully be illuminating as insights into the grind behind the “glamour.”  Water, Laundry, and Internet Many of our everyday essentials in Costa Rica have been quite easy and simple. Water from the tap is … Read more


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Creepy Bat Tongue

Act One 9:56 PM – (Laying in bed watching a movie). What was that? Something just flew by the bedroom door. Giant moth maybe? 9:57 PM – There it is again! What was it? Too fast to tell… 9:58 PM – (Three steps into the hallway) BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! Holy geez there’s a bat … Read more