Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

From Brianna: I’m going to tell you something reasonably embarrassing about myself so bear with me here as I apprise you of my ignorance. Until last Thursday, when I thought of Yellowstone National Park, the extent of my mental picture could genuinely be described as Yogi’s Jellystone Park complete with trees and park rangers and … Read more

Mural in Montreal

Some of our favorite photos from a colorful Canadian city.

Mural in Montreal

One of the notable highlights of Montreal is the abundance and variety of street art.  It is both planned and spontaneous, masterpiece and graffiti.  During an overcast week with temperatures in the 50s, the captivating images – some provocative, some sweet – transformed an otherwise mundane collection of streets and sidewalks into a vibrant cityscape, … Read more

Near Acadia's Thunder Hole

We sat at the Nautica Pub in Birch Harbor, Maine for an hour after close on Monday night.  There were six of us left including the bartender, Mona, who allowed the crew of mostly locals to enjoy an extra round while she cleaned, restocked, and closed up shop.  The conversation rose and fell, joyful but … Read more

Renners and Kietzmans

We fell out of the car Wednesday night after 15 hours on the road to land in Brevard, NC (check out our photos below) at the cozy and naturally luxurious abode of our friends, Kate and Bart. I will admit that as we cruised in on the main drag, I was surprised to see that … Read more

Spotted Cat Live Music

A bit late here with the pictures, I know. We greatly enjoyed New Orleans, finding ourselves unendingly fascinated by the juxtaposition of an ever-recovering, natural disaster stricken region with distinctly beautiful European architecture and a constant buzzing energy. What we found at the culmination was a quite friendly population, a captivating culture, and paradoxes we … Read more

Immunization Day

August 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Ian in How To | Slideshow Pictures - (0 Comments)
Brianna gets a yellow fever innoculation

This morning we had a 9:30 date with the doctor to get immunizations for typhoid fever (endemic to all of Central and South America) and yellow fever (endemic to tropical rainforest areas of South America). While needle jabs are not usually the greatest way to start your morning, the time slot meant Brie didn’t have to … Read more