Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Chachahuate, a Garifuna village in Cayos Cochinos

“Now so much I know that things just don’t grow if you don’t bless them with your patience.” -First Aid Kit, Emmylou My fondness for La Ceiba and northern Honduras was not love at first site. It’s not that we didn’t like where we were when we arrived; it was fine. It just didn’t speak … Read more

Dock Jump

In many ways, the experience of Atitlán is beyond words. Never have I been so moved (or so stilled) by a lake, and I certainly can’t even begin to think of a time when for 31 days in a row I awoke to a more breathtaking site than the volcanoes, clouds, and pristine mirror of … Read more


Our fourth and final month in Mexico, photos of which are included in the slideshow below, demonstrated the breadth and variety of both landscapes and cultures within the country. Since December, we had traveled through deserts and along beaches, over mountains and into jungles. We saw abundant street food become meaty street food and then … Read more


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Palace Observatory or Watchtower

When deciding where to spend the month of April, we were drawn in the direction of San Cristobal de las Casas in part by the proximity of Palenque. Palenque is both a modern town of just over 37,000 inhabitants about 135 miles northeast of SCLC and also the ruins of an ancient city some 5.5 miles … Read more

San Sebastian Etla Sunset

After a very active February, our pace of life slowed a bit in March. Though, as usual, our list of places to see and things to do started out fairly lengthy, we felt ourselves yield a bit to the friendly and laid-back vibe that permeates San Sebastian Etla, our home for the month. As such, we … Read more

Talbots and Kietzmans

Guanajuato was a magical place, enchanting, wonderful, and easily one of our favorites of the last six months. The limited number of drive-able streets created an active lifestyle as we walked through neighborhoods and into the centro via romantic callejons. No matter where we went it seemed as though we were always amidst a party. The plazas … Read more

Van on Beach

San Juanico was a beautiful place to retreat, to center, to relax. We were wooed by miles and miles of wide, empty beaches and the forced disconnection of powerless afternoons. Below is a slideshow of our favorite photos from the month.

Ian and Maya and the Golden Gate Bridge

Yesterday Ian detailed the ins and outs of our whirlwind day in San Francisco.  Today, some pictures to go along – our favorites from an all too short tour of a colorfully energetic city.

Salutations on the Pacific Coast

Of all of the places in our sights when we began the painfully short North American portion of our adventure, we ignorantly viewed the Oregon Coast as one of the more expendable stops. It sounded great and all, but we didn’t really have a specific place in mind and time was a hot commodity. Interestingly, … Read more


Vancouver is a world class city, and is perennially ranked among the world’s “most liveable” cities by various publications and organizations (though it should be noted that it is also rated as a very expensive city). Once one has seen the city’s distinctive glass skyline, it is hard to forget. It is large enough to … Read more