Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil


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Palace Observatory or Watchtower

When deciding where to spend the month of April, we were drawn in the direction of San Cristobal de las Casas in part by the proximity of Palenque. Palenque is both a modern town of just over 37,000 inhabitants about 135 miles northeast of SCLC and also the ruins of an ancient city some 5.5 miles … Read more

Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico

Conveniently located just off Mexico 199 on the route between San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque are the jungle-shrouded waterfall sites of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha. Aside from their proximity to Chiapas’ most famous Mayan ruins (and, obviously, the fact that they are both made of water moving quickly to a lower place), the … Read more

Sumidero Canyon - Chiapas, Mexico

Just north of Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas, lies Sumidero Canyon National Park. The namesake and main highlight is, naturally, Sumidero Canyon. Formed by the Grijalva River over the past 35 millions years, the narrow canyon’s vertical walls reach up to 1 kilometer high. While there are several sweeping vistas from the canyon’s rim, … Read more

Oaxaca’s Zócalo

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Oaxaca's Zocalo

Without a doubt, the center of activity in Oaxaca de Juarez is the Zócalo. Officially La Plaza de la Constitucion, plans for the Zócalo were completed in 1529. The plaza has undergone various face lifts through the centuries, but the space itself has been the city’s heart for nearly 500 years. Today a bandstand sits directly in … Read more

Monte Alban

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Ian and Brie at Monte Alban in Oaxacs

Just six miles west of the center of Oaxaca de Juarez lies the large pre-Columbian archaeological site of Monte Alban. Founded around 500 BCE and continuously inhabited for over one thousand years by the Zapotec culture, the site itself sits atop an artificially leveled ridge (i.e. they chopped off the top of a mountain!), 1300 … Read more

Badlands National Park View
Ian in Stout Grove

Location: Northern Coastal California Nearest Towns: Crescent City, CA (population 7,600) Established: State Parks in the 1920s National Park on October 2, 1968 Area: 131,983 acres, including 37 miles of coastline Hours and Fees: Always open and free to enter! Campground fees are $35 vehicle per night, $5 per hiker/biker per night, and $8 per vehicle for day use only. … Read more

Stanley Park Seawall

In a city as vertical as Vancouver, large amounts of park space and protected natural land can be difficult to conceive of.  Stanley Park goes beyond a plot of land at the edge of a city or the creation of a renowned landscape architect though.  Donning accolades and attractions, the park welcomes some 8 million visitors … Read more


From Brianna: I’m going to tell you something reasonably embarrassing about myself so bear with me here as I apprise you of my ignorance. Until last Thursday, when I thought of Yellowstone National Park, the extent of my mental picture could genuinely be described as Yogi’s Jellystone Park complete with trees and park rangers and … Read more

Badlands National Park Loop Road

We entered Badlands National Park after sunset. There was just enough moonlight to vaguely make out the dark and ominous formations looming over us as we drove to one of the park’s campgrounds to set up for the night. After a brief encounter with a porcupine, we were down for the night, then packed up … Read more