Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

El Pípila and el Funicular

February 20th, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Mexico | The Places We've Been - (2 Comments)
View of el Centro de Guanajuato from El Pipila

As noted previously, El Pípila is Guanajuato’s favorite son. Born as Juan Jóse de los Reyes Martínez Amaro in 1782, his nickname is a Mexican Spanish word for turkey. According to lore, this arose either as a reference to his freckled face or to his laugh, which apparently sounded something like a turkey’s gobble. An … Read more

Universidad de Guanajuato

February 19th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | The Places We've Been - (2 Comments)
I Love College

The cityscape of Guanajuato is undeniably captivating. With the centro located in the bottom of a bowl whose walls are made of mountains, the rest of town seems to climb the surrounding hills, coloring the basin with brightly colored homes and colonial architecture without quite spilling over the top. The most evident and prevalent of … Read more

La Alhóndiga de Granaditas

February 18th, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Art | Mexico | The Places We've Been - (1 Comments)
Plaza de la Alhondiga de Granaditas

Though La Alhóndiga de Granaditas was originally designed and constructed to be nothing more than a place to store grain, it gained a few pages in every Mexican history book shortly after it opened its doors in 1809. Nearly square (72 meters by 68 meters), the exterior façade is simple and bare, with only a … Read more

Callejón del Beso

Mexican folklore tells a tragic story of two lovers in Guanajuato drawn closer to one another and then ultimately to their demise from their balconies across a callejón. Callejóns (ka-yay-hones) are a manner of connecting places in the city and walking them is often the primary method of transportation as very few roads passable by … Read more


February 13th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | The Places We've Been - (2 Comments)
Casa Sauza

When most Americans hear the word tequila, their minds are catapulted to a shot they probably shouldn’t have taken, their mouths water for a lime, and the Champs rock out in the background as Benny the Jet Rodriguez and his naive comrades make a mad, chew in place, dash for the tilt-a-whirl. Tequila is a … Read more

Baja Ferries

February 10th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Mexico | The Places We've Been - (22 Comments)
Ferry Landing

To get from Baja Sur to mainland Mexico without driving nearly all the way to the states and then through the northern part of the country, one must take a ferry. Though we read that other freight companies will accept passengers, the main option, and the one that we chose, is operated by Baja Ferries. … Read more


After a long, exhausting journey back up the peninsula to fix our mistake and then south again with that mission accomplished, we decided it was time to unplug and slow down for a night. During our first drive along Highway 1 on our way to San Juanico in December, we had passed a couple of … Read more

Ian After Tijuana

After the whole tourist card debacle we got ourselves into, last Thursday night we pulled into Ensenada after dark and found a nice little hotel on the south side of town. Though tourist cards are available in Ensenada with a small fine, we had made the decision during our drive to go all the way … Read more

Van on Beach

San Juanico was a beautiful place to retreat, to center, to relax. We were wooed by miles and miles of wide, empty beaches and the forced disconnection of powerless afternoons. Below is a slideshow of our favorite photos from the month.

Cacti in Baja

You remember our small oversight at the border? Well it bit us in the ass yesterday. Let me tell you all about it. The morning began in the dark in part due to the fact that it was 5am when we woke up, but also because San Juanico was powerless again, so we made due with … Read more