Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Overlooking San Juan del Sur

Intro to SJDS San Juan del Sur is first and foremost a fun town. A fishing village at its roots, SJDS (as it is often shortened) was a popular stopping point on the maritime route to the California during the gold rush. It has since grown to just under 20,000 residents, and the local economy … Read more

El Indio Bárbaro

Joel told us about Sambo Creek’s upcoming feria while we were chatting after our Pico Bonito hike. We’d heard about La Ceiba’s carnival, an annual event held in May that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, often tripling the population of the city during the festivities, but with our June arrival just days … Read more

John Green

Last week, our friends at Married with Luggage wrote a commencement speech directed not at the 18 and 22-year-old students receiving diplomas, but at the friends and family members watching their younger counterparts graduate this May. Congruent with their typical fabulous voice, Warren and Betsy’s message was one of encouragement and can-do positivity. What do … Read more

Callejón del Beso

Mexican folklore tells a tragic story of two lovers in Guanajuato drawn closer to one another and then ultimately to their demise from their balconies across a callejón. Callejóns (ka-yay-hones) are a manner of connecting places in the city and walking them is often the primary method of transportation as very few roads passable by … Read more

Rosca de Reyes

Yesterday at dusk we wandered to Aborrotes Lupita, the nearby grocery store, to pick up some tortillas and Tecate. The gentleman who runs the store was behind the counter and across from him on a stool was his teenage helper. Sitting on the display case next to the young man were three items new to … Read more


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Sullivans and Kietzmans at Friendsgiving in Denver

Thanksgiving is the bee’s knees. Is there any other day quite like it? Eat, drink, watch football, doze off, and repeat. For the first time we spent Turkey Day not with family or just the two of us, but with friends, even dubbing the occassion ‘Friendsgiving’ (though a bit of Googling tells us we aren’t … Read more

Downtown Seattle

First of all, that last name is just crazy fun to say. Let’s try it together. Mat-ee-oh-nees. Feels nice on the tongue, doesn’t it? Ian and I had already spent time enjoying Seattle together in 2008 and therefore elected not to commit an extended amount of days there this time through. We were, however, ecstatic … Read more

Westside Kansas City Fourth of July

Nobody does the 4th of July like Kansas City’s Westside.  It’s a combination of the quintessential patriotic block party with kids running from house to house and neighbors sharing beers, a summer evening in a Mexican-American barrio with Abuela on the front porch and Spanish music blaring into the street, and a blockbuster war scene … Read more