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July 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Ian in Costa Rica | Oh | The Places We've Been

Creepy Bat TongueAct One

9:56 PM – (Laying in bed watching a movie). What was that? Something just flew by the bedroom door. Giant moth maybe?

9:57 PM – There it is again! What was it? Too fast to tell…

9:58 PM – (Three steps into the hallway) BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! Holy geez there’s a bat in the house! Back to the bedroom! Close the door!

9:59 PM – What do we do?! What do we do?! What do we do?!

10:00 PM – Okay, everybody calm down. It’s probably just as confused as we are. Let’s think. Here’s a plan. Open both the doors and give it a chance to fly on out into the night.

10:01 PM – (Creeping back out into the hall) Okay, back door open, no sign of the bat. Maybe it’s gone. Stay low. Cover me. The front door is so close…BAT! Duck! What do we do?! What do we do?! What do we do?!

10:02 PM – (Crawling toward the front door) Almost there. Reach. Okay, front door open. Now the bat has an escape option at either end of the house.

10:03 PM – BAT! Stay down! Leave, bat, leave! Nice tasty bugs waiting right outside!

10:04 PM – C’mon, don’t just keep flying in circles. Fly in a straight line out the door. I think it landed on the curtains. Yup, definitely on the curtains, you can see it crawling around looking like a weird little alien creature. What should we do? Throw something at it! What should I throw?? ┬áThat pen! That notepad! Anything you can reach!

10:05 PM – Well that worked, only now it’s just flying in circles again. Maybe we can shoo it out. Grab the dogs’ platform bed thingy. Wave it over your head. Now shoo!

10:06 PM – Where’d it go? Gone? Nope, curtains again. Throw something else. There it goes! Shoo! Shoo!

10:07 PM – I think I saw it fly out. Is it really gone? Nothing in the air, nothing on the curtains. Whew! I’m pretty sure it’s gone now.

10:08 PM – Maybe we should close the bedroom door? Yeah, we are definitely sleeping with the bedroom door closed from now on.

Act Two

Several days later we were pointed towards an abandoned cabin just meters from our house, but reclaimed by the jungle. Inside its creepy decaying walls? You guessed it. Bats. Tons of them. Check out these pictures of the place:

Abandoned House

Holy Bats

Ah! Bats!

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