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Darien Gap Expenses

Our Darien Gap experiences have occurred (and been written about) in segments, and after completing our crossing we were compelled to calculate the total financial impact of this overlanders’ endeavor. We knew well in advance that the time we spent crossing the Darien was going to call for grossly atypical expenses, making the jump from … Read more

Border Crossing: Panama / Colombia

September 10th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Border Crossings | Colombia | Darien Gap | Panama - (3 Comments)
Colombia Entrance Stamp

We normally (but not this time!) cross borders by land in a CR-V with US passports and our two dogs. We do not carry drugs or weapons or disallowed fruit (usually). These articles are not a definitive guide to crossing borders nor should they be used as a sole source of information. They are our … Read more

The Darien Gap: Dogs

September 9th, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Colombia | Darien Gap | Dogs | How To | Panama | The Places We've Been - (14 Comments)
Dogs on Palette on Forklift

If you’re just joining us in this series of Darien Gap posts, you can read about what the Darien Gap is here. If you’re driving, check out how to prepare ahead of time here, how to complete the Panamanian side of vehicle shipping here, how to complete the Colombian side of vehicle shipping here, how to … Read more

Panama City

Our time in Panama was polar, split between the preparations of our impending cross into South America and the enjoyment of city life in a country that offers many unanticipated lessons about our own. As we lifted into the air on our way to Colombia on Monday morning, sprawling green hills beneath us met the … Read more

Craft Beer in Panama City

September 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Food | Panama | The Places We've Been - (0 Comments)
La Rana Dorada Pitcher

As long as we’ve been traveling together, we’ve enjoyed getting to know our destinations through the local beer. For many years this meant visiting craft breweries or purchasing area brews at restaurants or grocery stores. In Raleigh, where we lived before departing on this journey, the metropolitan area has so many craft breweries that visiting … Read more

Caffé Pomodoro, Panama City, Panama

Food is a fantastic way to explore a new culture. We don’t claim to be foodies in any sense of the word and seldom seek out the most exquisite or famous flavors of a city (unless you count pizza and beer), but we do enjoy experiencing authentic food and especially love a good típico breakfast. … Read more

Darien Gap Map

We’ve been talking about the Darien Gap with increasing frequency over the last month or two. It has existed vaguely in our awareness for a couple of years, but we intentionally delayed any real focus on it so as to avoid unnecessary stress. That luxury has slowly slipped away now as we’ve driven closer and … Read more

Groceries in Panama

This is a series detailing some of what appear at first to be more mundane details of a place, but will hopefully be illuminating as insights into the grind behind the “glamour.”  As I sit down to categorize and write about this month’s day-to-day tasks, a common theme has begun to emerge: I don’t really … Read more

The Panama Canal and the Miraflores Locks

August 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Panama | The Places We've Been - (3 Comments)
A Miraflores Lock

I remember hearing years ago that the Panama Canal wasn’t worth visiting because it was just some boat going slowly through a passageway, and there was really nothing more to see. From Kansas in the early 2000s, that made sense enough to me to dismiss any potential excitement about the place, an easy acceptance and … Read more

Casco Viejo, Panama

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Brianna in Panama | The Places We've Been - (0 Comments)
Plaza Francia, Casco Viejo, Panama

It started to rain as we climbed into the taxi we’d flagged down near the casino. Downpours are a daily occurrence in August in Panamá, but they’re also often fleeting so we carried on carefreely with our Saturday adventure. We had read that finding reasonable parking in Casco Viejo could be quite the challenge and also that … Read more