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A Welcome to Fans of Never Ending Voyage

July 24th, 2013 | Posted by Ian and Brianna in About

Greetings to the fans of Never Ending Voyage who are checking out our site after reading today’s Nomadic Interview!¬†Thanks so much for stopping by. Simon and Erin are a tremendous inspiration and resource for all digital nomads, location independents, world travelers, and allies, and we are quite honored to have had the opportunity to answer a few questions about ourselves for them. Shameless plug alert: If you like what you see here, subscribe for updates via email on the right side of the page and/or follow us via Facebook, Twitter, or your other favorite network at the top of the page.

If you didn’t arrive here via Never Ending Voyage’s Nomadic Interview today, you should definitely check it out (we were featured in their nomad series!) and peruse their site a bit while you’re at it. We’ve yet to have the fortune to meet Erin and Simon in person, but we appreciate their travel style, enjoy their blog, and credit them for introducing us to our now beloved friends, Warren and Betsy of Married with Luggage. With that kind of taste in people, places, and lifestyle, how can they not be a totally awesome pair?

Nomadic Interviews: Brianna and Ian of Vangabonds

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