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A Day in the Life: Guanajuato

March 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Ian in A Day in the Life | Mexico | The Places We've Been

This is an installment in an ongoing post series detailing a typical day in one of our destinations. Not everything in this schedule might happen on any given day, but it should give you a good idea of our usual activities.

Guanajuato Sunrise


6:00AM – The first rays of sunlight start hitting the peaks across town out our window, and the line between light and shadow starts creeping down into the valley. As Guanajuato begins to stir, roosters start to crow, dogs start to bark, and soon after cries of “Gaaaaaaaaaaas!” start to echo from natural gas canister delivery men walking up and down the callejons seeking customers in need of a refill.

7:00AM – Breakfast. This month we got hooked on fresh mangoes from Mercado Hidalgo. Not entirely sure how much they cost, but it can’t have been too much, as we only spent like eighty bucks on groceries all month. After seeing only jars of instant in the local stores, we found a coffee shop that ground a half kilo of Cuban roast for us to brew in the moka pot supplied by our hosts.

7:30AM – Work time.

11:30AM – Lunchtime. Usually either leftovers from the night before (rice, beans, sauteed peppers, avocado, and salsa) or we walk up the hill to grab some tacos, gorditas, or tlacoyos at a rate of 20 pesos ($1.58 USD) for three.

12:00PM – Laundry up the hill, grocery shopping at Mercado Hidalgo or a neighborhood abarrotes, running stairs with Maya, checking out a local museum, etc.

12:30PM – Work time.

Typical evening. Cervezas and guac.

5:00PM – Walk down into the Centro to sight-see or grab some dinner. We ate dinner out a ridiculous number of times the second half of this month. It’s hard not too when you can sit at a table in a plaza outside in a 70 degree evening, watch the activity of a vibrant town going on around you, and fill up on tasty food (local favorites include sopa azteca and enchiladas mineras) and drinks for 150 pesos ($11.90 USD).

8:00PM – Walk up the hill back to our casita. Probably make a poor decision to stop and buy a doughnut or two.

8:30PM – Check emails, write blog posts, watch KU basketball via Skype (special thanks to Brie’s family and the Howards), etc.

9:00PM – DOWNTON! DOWNTON! DOWNTON! (Please, no spoilers. We are rewatching series 1 and 2 before we set in on series 3).

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