Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Maybe your computer just crashed and all your iTunes music went with it. Maybe a friend of yours has that amazing new One Direction album on his iPod and you wish you could have a copy. Maybe, like us Vangabonds, you recently stumbled upon an old iPod that had music on it from a computer … Read more

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program Logo

On July 18th, the United States Department of State issued a worldwide travel caution to U.S. citizens. While I find it quite preposterous to make an all-encompassing statement to induce fear of travel to the entire world (my feelings on this travel caution could fill a blog post by themselves, but I will refrain), the … Read more

Cacti in Baja

When we tell people about our travel plans, they are almost uniformly concerned about Mexico. The American media, in its usual sensationalism, has managed to help perpetuate some stubborn stereotypes about our neighbor to the south, and most of our countrymates have a negative impression of a nation that is actually a leader in our … Read more

Reining in the Road Trip Snacks

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Brianna in Food - (0 Comments)
Not so healthy road trip snacks

If we had to pick a dietary label, it would be vegetarian.  When at home, we also refrain from all dairy and most egg products making us vegan to carnivores and posers to vegans.  As a whole, our dietary choices, though numerous in implications and effects, are based on personal health factors.  Basically, we eat … Read more

Westside Kansas City Fourth of July

Nobody does the 4th of July like Kansas City’s Westside.  It’s a combination of the quintessential patriotic block party with kids running from house to house and neighbors sharing beers, a summer evening in a Mexican-American barrio with Abuela on the front porch and Spanish music blaring into the street, and a blockbuster war scene … Read more